The Good Time Kit

Two female-founded brands have teamed up to deliver the ultimate relaxation ritual.

Light the gorgeous Esker Terracotta Plantable Candle to set the ambiance. Drop a dose of Esker Sparkling Bath Salts into the water for a shimmering swirl of Dead Sea minerals and relaxing natural scents. Finally, pop open your choice of Nomadica Red or Sparkling White and sink into this completely luxurious moment.

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Everybody just wants to have a Good Time.

What's in the kit...

Esker Terracotta Plantable Candle

This Zero-Waste candle is hand poured, soy based, and infused with woodsy base notes of Lemon Balm to relax the mind, sweet and floral White Honey for joy, and the warmth of Coriander for peace of mind.

Designed to enjoy a multi-purpose lifespan by turning into a beautiful planter when the candle has finished. Each Plantable Candle includes plantable Seed Paper and a Soil Pod.

Esker Sparkling Bath Salts

Esker Sparkling Bath Salts are a premium bath additive containing dead sea and epsom salts to draw out impurities, soothing coconut milk powder to hydrate, and kaolin clay to soften the skin.

And these Sparkling Bath Salts live up to their name, when you see a slight shimmer in your bath water, it’s time to step in.

Nomadica Red Blend

A 4-Pack (equal to 1 liter) of our customer favorite — the Red Blend. A medley of dark red fruit meets ornate hints of bay leaf, clove, and the spice of Darjeeling tea. Bright and zippy with a backdrop of brooding intensity, this go-to red pairs well with every occasion.

Nomadica Sparkling White

A 4-Pack (equal to 1 liter) of one of our best sellers — the Sparkling White. Lively citrus and honeydew melon. The faintest kiss of nectarine. Fresh saline minerality and sizzling frizzante. This wine sings of white sand, warm days, and relaxation — it's the closest thing there is to a seaside vacation in a can.

The Good Time Playlist

Right inside the box, we've added a QR code that will bring you to The Good Time Playlist on Spotify. With tunes curated to amplify the experience of sipping and soaking with these wonderful goodies.

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