Behind the scenes: Camp POOSH and Nomadica

Behind the scenes: Camp POOSH and Nomadica

By Kristin Olszewski

I mean, the desert, Nomadica, live music and POOSH- does life get any better?Coachella has always been more than just a music festival; it's a cultural event that celebrates music, fashion, and lifestyle. This year, we had the pleasure of being featured at Camp POOSH. Influencers and tastemakers couldn’t stop talking about our stylish canned wine collection, which brought the perfect touch of elegance and convenience to Coachella.

The Perfect Pairing: Nomadica x Camp POOSH

Camp POOSH, known for delivering the ultimate luxury experience, carefully selected brands that align with its ethos of high-quality living. Our commitment to sustainability, art, and exceptional taste made it a perfect fit.

Stylish and Sustainable:

  • Sustainable Packaging: Our canned wines come in chic, artist-designed packaging that's 100% recyclable.
  • Curated Selections: Founded by me, our wines are meticulously curated for quality and taste.

Haven't heard of Camp POOSH? Here are a few highlights

  • The private retreat at Coachella featured wellness activities, beauty services, and lifestyle pop-ups.
  • Our beautifully packaged cans offered guests a refreshing sip in between sets, perfectly matching the laid-back yet luxurious vibe of Camp POOSH.

Nomadica’s presence at Camp POOSH during Coachella was truly something that we'll never forget- you might say it was a once in a lifetime experience. The campers LOVED our stylish packaging, sustainable approach, and, most importantly, the incredible taste of the wine inside. As festival-goers continue to search for refreshing and convenient drinks, we KNOW that we're sure to remain a favorite at music festivals and beyond. Keep an eye out for us at your next fesitval!