CAN we have a moment for the cans?

CAN we have a moment for the cans?

By Kristin Olszewski

Gone are the days when wine only came in bottles, are we right?! While glass bottles WERE the traditional packaging for wine, canned wine has rapidly gained popularity, especially among younger wine enthusiasts (like you). But what makes wine in a can better than wine in a bottle? Let’s uncork (or should we say-crack open) the benefits.

*Eco-Friendly Packaging

Canned wine is better for the environment for so many reasons, but the top ones are:
  • Recyclability: Aluminum cans are more easily and widely recyclable than glass bottles.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint: Aluminum is lighter and requires less energy to transport compared to heavy glass bottles.
  • Reduced Waste: The single-serve nature of cans means less leftover wine is wasted.

*Portability and Convenience

Another significant advantage of canned wine is its portability. Cans are lightweight, compact, and don't require a corkscrew or glasses, making them ideal for some of our fav times outside:
  • Outdoor Adventures: Bring canned wine to your next beach outing, picnic, camping trip, or music festival.
  • Travel: Cans take up less space in your luggage and are less prone to breaking.
The easy-open, single-serve cans allow you to enjoy your favorite Nomadica wine anytime and anywhere.
*Portion Control and Reduced Waste
Nomadica's wine comes in smaller, single-serve portions allowing you to:
  • Moderate Consumption: Enjoy a glass without worrying about finishing an entire bottle.
  • Reduce Waste: Avoid pouring unused wine down the drain. Cans help minimize waste by providing just the right amount.

*Freshness Preservation

Wine in a bottle, once opened, starts to oxidize and lose its flavors. On the other hand, canned wine:
  • Prevents Oxidation: Airtight seals keep canned wine fresher for longer.
  • UV Protection: Unlike clear or green glass bottles, cans block harmful UV rays that can degrade the wine.
This means every sip tastes just as good as the first!

*Versatility in Styles and Pairings

Nomadica's canned wine is not limited to one type or style. You'll find a range of wines available in cans, from dry rosés to sparkling whites and full-bodied reds. Our wines in can allows for:
  • Experimentation: Try different styles without committing to an entire bottle.
  • Pairing Flexibility: Cans are ideal for pairing different wines with each course during a meal.

*Affordable and Accessible

Wine in a can offers a more budget-friendly option for wine lovers:
  • Lower Packaging Costs: Aluminum cans are cheaper to produce than glass bottles, making the wine more affordable.
  • No Cork Required: Cans eliminate the need for a corkscrew and stemware, reducing overall costs.

*Breaking Tradition: The Fun Factor

Let's face it: canned wine is just plain fun, especially Nomadica's canned wine! It breaks down the sometimes intimidating wine culture barriers and brings wine closer to everyone, regardless of wine knowledge or experience.
Wine in a can offers a more portable, eco-friendly, and convenient option than traditional bottled wine, making it a preferred choice for many wine enthusiasts. Whether you're hiking through the mountains or hosting a backyard BBQ, canned wine is your perfect companion. So, crack open a can, raise a toast, and embrace the refreshing change!