<i>F*ck Dry January</i> — Level up from restriction to moderation

Dec 19, 2021Aiden Duffy
F*ck Dry January — Level up from restriction to moderation

Yeah, we get it.

We all overindulged a little too much over the holidays (or over the entirety of the pandemic) and it’s time to cut back. But we are not fans of restriction, extremes, or unhealthy relationships with alcohol. Good health is about moderation; not staying off the sauce for a month and then chugging a bottle of booze the second it becomes February. 

We started putting premium wine in single-serving packaging because we are obsessed with the culture of conscious consumption. As a sommelier, I’ve always promoted wine that is free of chemical manipulation and thoughtfully made.So many of you have told us that you drink Nomadica to thoughtfully enjoy wine a glass of wine without the pressure of an open bottle. And we are here for it.

Drink less, drink better, and really, f*ck dry January.