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Nomadica x Proxies Non-Alc Bubbly White 250mL

0% alc/vol

Our own celebrated sommelier Kristin Olszewski founded Nomadica with a clear mission: make exceptional wine accessible to all. Now, we've joined forces with Proxies to bring you all the exceptional flavor, with none of the alcohol. It's bright and aromatic, and this bubbly blend is inspired by Kristin's favorite coastal Mediterranean whites with a hint of skin contact. It's zesty, fresh, and floral with a hint of salty ocean mist.


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After mastering the art of sommeliership in some of America's most prestigious restaurants, I recognized that I wanted to make exceptional wine available to every type of drinker, including those looking for a non-alc beverage.

I'm so excited to have our FIRST EVER non-alc wine partnership with Proxies, and let me tell you, it's as good as they come.


Peach, grapefruit zest, lilac, sea salt, mint, pomelo and hibiscus.


summer beach days, caprese salads, crudo, cheese plates, all veggie greens (raw or roasted), sandwiches and lunch dates.

Free shipping on orders $90+


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