<i>Cooking with Nomadica</i> — Hot + Tangy Carrots

Cooking with Nomadica — Hot + Tangy Carrots

By Aiden Duffy

We've got another recipe from the illustrious Nic Vascocu, chef of LA-based popup, Smokin Hot Grandma. This one will pair delightfully with our Red Blend.

From Nic:

There is a famous chef that i would make fun of at one of my old restaurant jobs. i would do a bad nordic accent in a very flat tone and talk about vegetables in a heavily dramatic Herzog-like way.  at the time i thought this personality took himself and, in particular, carrots far too seriously. i’m also a sucker for a cheap laugh - especially, from line cooks.

in retrospect, i’d like to walk this one back though, because, i suddenly get it. sorry, chef.


serves 4-6


  • 1.5 - 2 lbs young carrots sliced halved
  • 3 tbls labne/skyr or greek yogurt - as long as it’s got tang
  • 1 thinly serrano or other hot pepper
  • 2 tbls lime pickle - you can find this at any South Asian market
  • 2 pinches of Korean chili flakes
  • fresh dill to taste
  • chunky sea salt to finish

How to make it:

  1. slice the carrots lengthwise, don’t bother peeling.
  2. on a screaming hot grill, or under a broiler, give the carrots a good char - keep an eye on them, but don’t fuss over them. let the heat do its job - you neither want them to just get sweaty or burn up.
  3. smear the yogurt all over the plate then spoon small dabs of lime pickle on the yogurt.
  4. sprinkle a couple pinches of Korean chili flake all over.
  5. plate the carrots.
  6. sprinkle with dill, thinly sliced Serrano, + sea salt.